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We are pleased to offer you this latest collection of some of our favorite songs and tunes, presented in much the same way we would in a concert - a mix of contemporary and traditional, up-tempo and slow ballad. Our thanks to Jon Raney for his good ear and great ideas in the studio and thanks to our friends everywhere for their support and encouragement of our music.

Total Running Time: 49:50 ~ Produced by Jon Raney and HARMONY ~ Artwork by Mike Lancaster ~ Photo by Duane Yessick ~ Engineered by Jon Raney ~ Mastered by Brad Apple Recorded at Raney Recording Studios, Drasco, AR

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  1. Stepstone 01 Stepstone
  2. Turn Your Radio On 02 Turn Your Radio On
  3. The Rolling Hills of the Border 03 The Rolling Hills F The Border
  4. Orion 04 Orion
  5. Needlecase 05 Needlecase
  6. The Star of the County Down 06 The Star Of The County Down
  7. I Would I Were 07 I Would I Were
  8. Break and Run 08 Break And Run
  9. Mr. Beefherd's Barn 09 Mr Beefheard_S Barn
  10. River 10 River
  11. The Glendy Burk 11 The Glendy Burk
  12. Rise Oh Fathers / No Time To Tarry 12 Rise Oh Fathers_No Time To Tarry
  13. Fifty Miles of Elbow Room 13 Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room
  14. Who Will Watch the Homeplace 14 Who Will Watch The Homeplace
  15. Thunder Road 15 Thunder Road
  16. The Sweetest Gift 16 The Sweetest Gift
$17 - 
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