Mary and Robert Gillihan Live in Far Off Washington


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Performed live in Washington D.C. by Mary and Robert Gillihan, July 10, 1997

Special thanks to: Todd Deatherage, Jean Jennings & Rebecca Kaisor, and especially our Family and Friends

Recorded by Joe Nay
Mastered at Cedar Crest Studio by Bob Ketchum
Design concept by Mary and Robert Gillihan
Graphics by Jon Raney
Cover Photo by Tony Guinn
Manufactured at Raney Recording Studio, Drasco, AR  ~ 870-668-3222
$17 – 
  1. The Arkansas Traveler (Traditional) 01 The Arkansas Traveler
  2. Neighbors (Charley Sandage) 02 Neighbors
  3. Our Town (Iris Dement) 03 Out Town
  4. Trails and Sails (Mike Acklin) 04 Trails and Sails
  5. Who Will Sing For Me (Thomas Jefferson Farris) 05 Who Will Sing For Me
  6. Wild Woman of Stone County, AR (Gary Scott Glassman) 06 Wild Woman of Stone County, AR
  7. Legend of the Ozarks (Ernest Givens/Robert Gillihan) 07 Legend of the Ozarks
  8. One Good Rain (Jim Dudley/Allan McNelis) 08 One Good Rain
  9. Posted (Kay Thomas) 09 Posted
  10. Turkey in the Straw (Traditional) 10 Turkey in the Straw
  11. They Sang On (Charley Sandage) 11 They Sang On
  12. Tennessee Stud (Jimmy Driftwood) 12 Tennessee Stud
  13. Song Beside Her Bed (TW (Terry) Williams) 13 Song Beside Her Bed
  14. Country Smile (Judy Klinkhammer) 14 Country Smile
  15. Back to Arkansas (Mike Gavin) 15 Back to Arkansas
  16. Amazing Grace (Traditional) 16 Amazing Grace
Program One (Songs 1-8)/Program Two (Songs 9-16)

$17 – 

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