Dave Smith Westlin Winds


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To Mary and Robert Gillihan. Together we are the folk singing group Harmony, and we have a terrific time performing together.

To Cindy and Albee Tellone, who with Joe Jewell and myself are on occasion The Bugshuffle String Band.

To my wife Maria for her patience, love and occasional kick to see this project.

To all my friends everywhere, from Arkansas to New Zealand, for encouraging me to make this recording for their patience during these long months it has taken me to finish it.


Produced by Dave Smith for Bear Pen Productions

Recorded, mixed and mastered by John Raney at:

Raney Recording Studio, Drasco, AR 72530 ~ 870-668-3222

Photograph by Scott Jackson

Historical research by Dr. Bill McNeil


David Smith – lead vocals, guitar, banjo, fiddle and bass

Albee Tellone – guitar and mandolin (2,3,8,13)

Cindy Tellone – bass (2,3,8,13)

Robert Gillihan – mandolin and vocals (15)

Mary Gillihan – bass and vocals (15)

for information on other recordings, or for booking, please contact:

Dave Smith:  Bear Pen Farm, Fox, AR 72501 ~ 870-363-4210

$17 – 

  1. 01 The State Of ArkansawThe State of Arkansas (3:53)
  2. 02 The Farmers Cursed Wife The Farmers Cursed Wife (3:44)
  3. 03 Snowbird On The Ashbank Snowbird on the Ashbank (2:28)
  4. 04 They Sang On They Sang On (2:09)
  5. 05 Jenny Bryce Jenny Bryce (4:21)
  6. 06 I Had But Ffty Cents I Had But Fifty Cents (2:16)
  7. 07 Peg Leg Jack Peg Leg Jack (3:28)
  8. 08 The Same Old Story The Crow Told The Same Old Story That the Crow Told Me (2:31)
  9. 09 Liza Jane Liza Jane (2:33)
  10. 10 Father Grumble Father Grumble (2:44)
  11. 11 Who Said I Was A Bum Who Said I Was A Bum (2:49)
  12. 12 Westlin Winds Westlin Winds (6:16)
  13. 13 The Blind Fiddler_Sandy Boys The Blind Fiddler / Sandy Boys (4:48)
  14. 14 The Barefoot Boy With Boots OnThe Barefoot Boy with the Boots On (2:32)
  15. 15 Water From Another TimeWater From Another Time (3:15)

$17 – 


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