Arkansas Stories for Young Children: The Big Bear and Harmony


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Come along as the Big Bear takes his new friends on the journey through Arkansas’s was rich and diverse history. Big Bear’s songs and family stories are fun to hear and, more than that, they help young children understand how Arkansas’s land and people came to be what they are today. As the Big Bear says, ” some things are different some things are the same.”

Traveling through time with Big Bear, young children quickly learn the sing-along parts to the songs as they  begin to “listen” more closely to the world around them. Everyone who accompanies them on this journey will hear the call to “take care of the good, good land” and take care of “one another, too.”

Big Bear says that family stories “are the best ones.” His family’s Arkansas stories just happened to reach from things that happened before people were here to things that happened only yesterday. The stories tell how all kinds of people came here to live and work in build and play. They tell about learning to live with one another in a land we all love

We believe stories that have lifted generations bind us together as families and communities. Here in Arkansas and around the world, those stories teach, encourage, warn, and inspire us. Each one of us can be a collector and teller of our own stories.

In the Arkansas Stories project, we work to collect, understand, and interpret the stories people share with us. We retell them in various forms and for people of all ages, and we draw on our collective experience as historians, biologist, archaeologists, geologists, teachers, and writers to do so.

From time to time you can see and hear us on radio and television, and you can read our stories in the newspaper. We often appear in classrooms, workshops, concerts, and publications. Wherever you find us, please join in. You can always find us on the Internet at

Program Time 35:21

Songs and stories performed by “Harmony” (Mary Gillihan, Robert Gillihan and Dave Smith) and Charley Sandage.

Recorded and edited by Dan Brackin.

Cover design by John Northrip.

Arkansas Black Bear photos courtesy of Rick Eastridge and Clint Turnage.

Manufactured by Richardson Tapes, Mountain View, Arkansas.

(C) AAI 2002

for more information, contact:

PO box 1631
Nashville, Arkansas 71852

Visit the Big Bear at


$17 – 

Harmony and the Big Bear Approximately 90 second clip from Big Bear and Harmony

$17 – 

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