Arkansas Stories Volume 3: Songs of the Civil War in Arkansas


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The Arkansas Stories Project is built around newly-written songs about the land, people, and the events that made Arkansas what it is today. Volume III of the series, unlike the others, is devoted entirely to one period of time and one set of events – the Civil War in Arkansas.

Arkansas’ fledgling economy and political institutions were fragile when war fever consumed the nation. Settlement was sparse through much of the state, and its people were deeply divided over secession. Ultimately, Arkansans cast their lot with the Confederacy, leaving the land open to the push and pull of armies, outlaw bands, economic collapse, and disrupted government. No Arkansas family of that time was spared the war’s horrors, and no generation since has completely escaped its lingering shadows.

These songs can only hint at the stories of this defining event in Arkansas’ journey.

The Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission has sanctioned this recording project as an “appropriate observance of the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War in Arkansas.”

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  1. All But Isaac Murphy
    All But Isaac Murphy Clip
  2. Border Country War
    Border Country War Clip
  3. Bill Dark
    Bill Dark Clip
  4. Letters
    Letters Clip
  5. Arkansas Post
    Arkansas Post Clip
  6. Independence Day
    Independence Day Clip
  7. Angels of Devil’s Backbone
    Angels of Devil’s Backbone Clip
  8. David Owen Dodd
    David Owen Dodd Clip
  9. Battle of the Bees
    Battle of the Bees Clip
  10. Poison Spring
    Poison Spring Clip
  11. General Steele
    General Steele Clip
  12. Contraband
    Contraband Clip
  13. Queen City
    Queen City Clip
  14. Mary Ann
    Mary Ann clip
  15. Sultana
    Sultana Clip
  16. The Walk
    The Walk Clip

$17 – 

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  1. Am trying to order two of the CD’s, Arkansas Stories Volume 3.

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