Arkansas Stories, Volume 2


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Volume one of our “Arkansas Stories” said us off on a real adventure. We’ve had the chance to sing our songs and tell their stories all across Arkansas for audiences of every age description. We’ve even ventured into other states where we met a kind response.

We’ve learned at least two things. First, people are fasted by the stories and, second, everybody has one or two. We would truly be disappointed if somebody didn’t linger after a presentation say something that starts along the lines of “You know, my great-great grandfather…” At least we’re pretty sure we’d be disappointed – we’ve yet to have that experience.

This set ventures of little closer to contemporary times and some of the tunes are just a bit more light-hearted than the norm set by Volume 1. Overall, it just fills in a few spaces of the mosaic that we never expect to finish.

You could call this the next chapter of the adventure. We’re glad you decided to join us for it. Maybe it will start you thinking about your great-great grandfather who…

Mary Gillihan: Lead and Harmony Vocals, Autoharp, Bass
Robert Gillihan: Lead and Harmony Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Bass
Dave Smith: Lead and Harmony Vocals, Guitar, Button Accordion, Bass, Keyboard
Charley Sandage: Narration

All words and music were written by Charley Sandage with arrangements by Harmony

Recorded, Mastered, and Manufactured at
Raney Recording Studio in Drasco, Arkansas
Jon Raney, Engineer

Produced by AAI/Our Gang
PO Box 1631, Nashville, Arkansas 71852

Thanks to all those who continue to tell us their stories

Copyright (c) 2003 AAI

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  1. Lowland Arkansas
    01 Lowland Arkansas
  2. Henri and Jack 
    02 Henri And Jack
  3. Starting Here
    03 Starting Here
  4. Mr. Noland and Pete
    04 Mr. Noland And Pete
  5. Nellie’s Apron
    05 Nellie’s Apron
  6. Kansas City Star
    06 Kansas City Star
  7. White Oak
    07 White Oak
  8. Coffee Can Mountain
    08 Coffee Can Mountain
  9. In California
    09 In California
  10. The Ceremony
    10 The Ceremony
  11. Hoxie, Arkansas 1955
    11 Hoxie
  12. Up on Highway 67
    12 up on Highway 67

$17 – 

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