Arkansas Stories, Volume 1


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In the spring of 1958, 2 15-year-old boys shivered and chunked up their fire while the sky turned to a pre-dawn gray along the stretch of the Ouachita River in Hot Springs County, Arkansas. They should have been making one last run of their trotlines but, instead, they rolled tightly into their blankets and slept another hour.

One of them was a reader of history and, drifting back to sleep, he half-dreamed, as young boys do, about explorers in some faraway wilderness, opening new land for King and country. History, to him, consisted of great things that took place somewhere else. He never imagined that the place where he slept would soon yield evidence of a successful Caddo civilization that lived for half a millennium along those riverbanks.

He didn’t know to look nearby for shards of storage jars scattered by De Soto’s expedition when they raided the granary stocked by the Caddo, and for minie balls left by Gen. Steele’s Civil War troops. H didn’t know that he and his buddy has strung a trot line over huge, sunken, pine log from the sawmill that started a half-century sweep of Ouachita Mountain timber. He didn’t suspect that power near the riverbanks had been among the first in the nation to carry hydroelectric power.

The stories had been there, but he had never heard them. The stories are everywhere in Arkansas, as they are in every other place. They are best found and told by those nearest them but, with these songs, we offer a handful we have found. We hope for more to come.

Mary Gillihan: Lead and Harmony Vocals, Autoharp, Bass

Robert Gillihan: Lead and Harmony Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Bass
Dave Smith: Lead and Harmony Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle, Harmonica, Banjo, Bass, Keyboard
Charley Sandage: Narration, Harmony Vocals
Thanks for Carl King for vocals on “Cahinnio” 

Recorded and Mastered at
Dave Campbell’s Blue Mountain Studio in Timbo, Arkansas by Dan Brackin

Manufactured by Thunder Ridge Castle Duplicatiing, Inc., Mtn. View, AR 870-652-3361

Produced by AAI/Our Gang
PO Box 1631, Nashville, Arkansas 71852

The melody of “They Sang On” and the fiddle tune in “A Song Called Leather Britches” are traditional. All other words and music were written by Charley Sandage with arrangements by Harmony.

Thanks to all who helped us find this first collection of stories

Copyright (c) 1999 AAI

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  1. Cahinnio 3:25
    01 Cahinnio
  2. The Great Earthquake of 1811 2:30
    02 The Great Earthquake Of 1811
  3. Betsy Wells 4:32
    03 Betsy Wells
  4. Tom Graves 2:28
    04 Tom Graves
  5. Beautiful Sally 4:58
    05 Beautiful Sally
  6. The Walk 3:27
    06 The Walk
  7. Sultana 2:44
    07 Sultana
  8. The Tune Called “Leather Britches” 3:18 
    08 The Tune Called _Leather Britches
  9. Jim Crow (Just Rode in on a Railroad Train) 3:47
    09 Jim Crow (Just Rode In On A Railr
  10. The Sang On 3:41
    10 They Sang On
  11. A Tonitown Story 3:45
    11 A Tonitown Story
  12. I Don’t Believe the Levee’s Gonna Hold 2:40
    12 I Don’t Believe The Levee’s Gonna

$17 – 

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